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PYCO Image Colorspace Converter

Quickly switch colorspaces and file format for your textures, hdris, ...


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This utility is targeted at VFX/Animation artists for use in converting input images to a designated target color space. It includes export options such as file format, bit depth, and others.

The app only works with 2d images for now.

Known limitations & bugs

  • Performance can become very bad with ACES ODTs.
  • Running the app as administrator on Windows will disable drag & drop
  • Converting tiff to png or even using png can cause errors.
  • logging system is actually a joke so doesn't except much from it.


Development made possible thanks to

Special Thanks to:

What's next ?

I find the app very basic for now and I suggested some new feature like .tx baking in the past. But I run into the dilemna of improving the current application based on a wobbly code or re-writing a fresh new application with solid foundations to build bigger things.Unfortunately i'm in in a period with not a lot of time which make the choice difficult.

Anyway doesn't except new update for this app, but maybe a new, bigger one in a year 😅